Los Angeles Community Action Network Announces Return 

Of The Skid Row Women’s Wellness Retreat After Two-Year Hiatus


LOS ANGELES, CA – Respected community organization Los Angeles Community Action Network (LA CAN) announced the return of the annual Women’s Wellness Retreat after a two-year hiatus due to COVID. Open to all the women of LA, Skid Row and beyond, the event will take place in LA CAN’s downtown headquarters at 838 E. 6th Street on Sunday May 1st from 11:00am to 4:00pm. The event will feature an array of speakers, wellness services, food and self-care offerings free of charge to all who attend. 


The Women’s Wellness Retreat was conceived of as a special event aimed at supporting community development and democratizing self-care by making services available to all women. More than a single day of support; the WWR has quickly become a community catalyst with a long tail of growth for those who participate. As an event organizer explained “the retreat is about thriving, about doing more than serving women’s basic needs of survival and addressing the essential emotional and physical needs we have to thrive. If you want to improve society, if you're going to change history, if you want to build a better future, you start with women.”


The Women’s Wellness Retreat is a homecoming for hope in the downtown Los Angeles community and is accepting donations and sponsors at this time. For more information about the event visit www.wwr2022.com or contact LA CAN Director of Development and Women’s Rights, Monique Noel at moniquen@cangress.org.



LA CAN was formed in 1999 when 25 residents of Downtown LA came together and acknowledged the problems that existed in their community and made a commitment to do something about those problems: to stand together, organize and become a force in the community that demands change. Since the formation of the Los Angeles Community Action Network (LA CAN) our mission has been to help people dealing with poverty create & discover opportunities, while serving as a vehicle to ensure we have voice, power & opinion in the decisions that are directly affecting us.